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Whether dealing with matters of civilian communication or developing antenna systems for military use, Antenna Research Associates (ARA) designs and manufactures products that work to improve the lives of today’s tech user.

For over 50 years, ARA has been the global leader in Antenna and Antenna Systems as well as related technologies. Founded in 1963, for the first two decades the company notably introduced electrically small antennas for high-frequency, long-range communications, like the Tuneable Mini Loops. It was also at the forefront of producing extremely broadband antenna systems for Spectrum Management, Surveillance, and TEMPEST testing. Later on in the ‘70s, ARA worked to develop sophisticated antenna feeds for VSAT antennas, ground stations, LEO and GEO user terminals, SATCOM products, and commercial RADAR systems. Throughout the 1980s and into the ‘90s, Mobile and Tactical communication systems took center stage as ARA built and developed several custom and unique antenna systems. Later on in the 1990s, ARA worked closely with the military to design tools and technologies; these included High Gain/High Power Box Horn Arrays and Broadband Omnis for Jamming, body wearable antennas, and Quick Deployment antennas.

Near the turn of the millennium, ARA acquired Pembroke Massachusetts-based company Seavey Engineering and has since introduced a whole new wave of products designed for UAVs, Perimeter Monitoring, Light Weight/High Gain products for Weather Radar Systems, Perimeter Monitoring, and more. ARA is constantly striving to find new ways to overcome challenges presented in RF Systems and antennas with a team of engineers and scientists who have earned more than 50 patents for their unique solutions to these obstacles.

Although a majority of the work ARA does is in conjunction with the military, the company has ties across multiple sectors. In the same vein of public safety, ARA works with Law Enforcement to provide full spectrum coverage of cellular bands commonly used for antenna models and also offers low-profile, tactical antenna solutions. Within Commercial SATCOM, ARA offers products that span full systems and range from simple to complex, which includes dual band, tri-band, and custom applications. ARA also offers a number of products for use with RADARs, specifically frequencies in L, S, C, X, Ku, and Ka bands which are used for purposes including perimeter surveillance, weather RADAR, and monopulse tracking.

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