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Logen Thiran is the President and CEO of  Antenna Research Associates. At Antenna Research, Logen and the ARA team design, develop, and manufacture Antennas and RF Systems for both military and civilian applications. ARA supplies antennas for Communication Networks, RF Surveillance, RF Jamming, Public Safety Networks, and Civilian markets.

ARA products cover all of the commercial and military frequency bands from 10 Hz to 80 GHz. ARA offers antennas optimized for specific bands, as well as multi-octave antenna systems are available for fixed, mobile, and tactical applications. ARA supplies unique antenna systems in both High Volume quantities and smaller order quantities. They have supplied tens of thousands of antennas for over 50 years. Since joining ARA back in 2014, Logen Thiran has turned the company’s 4 years of losses to 2 consecutive years of profitability and 30% year-over-year growth. He has Increased new business pipeline from $30M to $100M in just 2 years at ARA.

Prior to joining the Board at ARA, Logen Thiran served, for 9 years, as the President of DRS ICAS (Intelligence Communications, and Avionics Solutions), a wholly owned subsidiary of DRS Technologies, Inc. with operations in Buffalo, NY; Dayton, OH; Merrimack, NH; Horsham, PA; Herndon, VA; and Fort Walton Beach, FL. DRS ICAS is comprised of Systems & Support Services capabilities for Intelligence Community, US DoD, and Allied Nations in COMINT/DF, SIGINT processing, Hyper-spectral Imaging, SatCom Terminals On-The-Move and fixed, Datalink products, Avionics Products, and Electronic Warfare. During his time at DRS ICAS, Logen Thiran positioned the company with over $3B in business pipeline for the financial plan period. Furthermore, Thiran successfully grew the DRS ICAS portfolio from $130M (2009) to $160M (2010) to $200M (2011) in revenue.

Throughout his career, Logen Thiran has worked in numerous leadership roles in a variety of capacities. Thiran has over 25 years of broad experience including Aerospace & Defense, Systems &  Services, Data Networking, Data Communications, Network Management, and Software Systems. He has published more than ten papers in various IEEE and other technical journals in the areas of Image Processing, Signal Processing, Microwave Circuit Design, and Communications. Mr. Thiran holds an MBA from Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, Master of Science and a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from North Carolina State University.



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ARA – Antenna Research Associates

Whether dealing with matters of civilian communication or developing antenna systems for military use, Antenna Research Associates (ARA) designs and manufactures products that work to improve the lives of today’s tech user. For over 50 years, ARA has been the global...


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